4 reasons guests prefer boutique hotels in Burnie

Boutique style accommodation is the hottest segment in the hotel industry today. With more and more customers preferring boutique hotels over standard hotels, even hotel giants such as Hilton, Marriott and Starwood have opened up boutique lines of their own. We’re noticing this trend here in Burnie as well and we’re extremely glad that we’re a part of the wonderful boutique segment of hotels.

Apartments Downtown

Apartments Downtown, boutique hotel in Burnie

So why is it that customers prefer boutique hotels over standard hotels? Continue reading this article as I point out some of the reasons why our guests choose our boutique accommodation at Apartments Downtown for their accommodation as opposed to other hotels in Burnie. Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll do the same.

1. Genuine feel

The biggest reason guests choose boutique hotels in Burnie is that they offer a genuine feel of staying in the area. Apartments Downtown for instance, was originally built in 1937and is styled in the theme of Burnie’s Art Deco architectural movement. Should you choose to stay with us, you’ll be able to experience the old world charm of Burnie. Moreover, you’ll be within walking distance from the shops, parks, restaurants, libraries, museums and markets of the area.

2. Vintage experience

Many of our guests have compared staying with us to visiting their grandparent’s house. The vintage experience that our accommodation offers takes our guests back to childhood memories filled with family, love and warmth. We combine charms of the old world such as claw foot baths, original décor and stylish antiques with modern comforts to offer an accommodation experience that no other hotels in Burnie can provide you with.

3. Great amenities

Guests simply love our boutique hotel accommodation because we provide them with a range of amenities and facilities. Our luxurious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are spacious, fully furnished and self-contained. We also offer free Wi-Fi internet connectivity and free onsite parking. Kitchens in our apartments are fully equipped so you can even choose to cook your own meals on your holiday. The facilities we offer are on par with those at other hotels in Burnie.

4. Cost effective

Finally, boutique hotels offer incredibly cost effective accommodation. Many of our guests simply choose Apartments Downtown over hotels in Burnie because there are no hidden charges or surcharge fees. You can choose to stay with us at prices starting as low as $95 per night. With so many reasons to choose from, you needn’t look for accommodation elsewhere in Burnie.


It is no surprise that modern travellers choose to stay in boutique hotels over standard hotels in Burnie, thanks to the enhanced holiday experience that boutique accommodation offers. Staying at boutique accommodation offers a genuine feel of living in Burnie. Moreover, our boutique accommodation provides a vintage experience to guests, complete with the charms of the old world combined with modern facilities. Finally, the biggest reason to choose boutique hotels over standard hotels is that they are much more cost effective.

Here, at Apartments Downtown, we are a preferred boutique hotel in Burnie. Our luxurious 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments are part of Burnie’s Art Deco Trail and by staying with us, you’ll be close to all the major tourist attractions in the region. Best of all, our apartments are incredibly cost effective, so you can spend more on other parts of your holiday.

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Bridget Goodwin

About Bridget Goodwin

Bridget Goodwin is the owner of Apartments Downtown Brunie and has a great appreciation for Art Deco design and architecture. She has studied the Art Deco history of Brunie in great detail and hopes you'll drop by to experience this at Apartments Downtown Brunie.